Don’t Press Send Without It!

Exclaimer’s produce a suite of leading Microsoft Certified and award-winning software utilities for Exchange and Outlook mail products to every type of industry, to companies of every size and to millions of customers with complex and unique needs.

These products include Exchange and Outlook signature software, so administrators can update user’s signatures in a click, create feature rich auto-replies, reduce spam and detect and block explicit pictures within emails and more.

37 million users worldwide trust Exclaimer’s Microsoft Certified, award-winning products and 10 years’ experience – in financial giants, technology leaders and local charities.

Their products take more stress in testing than they ever will in your business: so whatever your needs, their software can match them.

Download, pick your settings, define your needs and you’re done: installing it as easy as using it.

Convenience is at the heart of their software. You need added functionality, but not added effort – mail shouldn’t just be better, it should be easier.