World’s Fastest Network: Download THOUSANDS Of Movies In The Blink Of An Eye

Optical FibresDanish researchers have developed the world’s fastest network, allowing for 43TB of data to be transferred per second via a single multicore optical fibre – the equivalent of downloading a 1GB movie in 0.2milliseconds. Still not sure just how fast this is? Read on.

So you may be asking yourself, “just how fast is 43 TB per second?” so here is the answer. A 1GB movie or file can be downloaded in 0.2 milliseconds, compared to the average length of time it takes to blink which is between 100 and 400 milliseconds. All in all, this means that for fast blinkers, you could download AT LEAST 500 1GB files in the blink of an eye or even up to 2000 if you blink slow. So imagine, downloading all of your favourite box sets, movie and more within the time to blink. In fact, the first download would be completed before you even clicked for the second to download!

Many high speed networks have been developed although none have been realistic designs to distribute commercially, however this one just might be. Nobody knows what they have done exactly, although it is known that only one single fibre taken from a Japanese telecom company managed to achieve these immense speeds, suggesting maybe the systems aren’t impossible to implement upon a commercial market and that they COULD be used to improve international network connection speeds.

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