WordPress: The Fascinating Global Stats

WordPressWordPress, not to be confused with the WordPress.org project, has recently acquired BruteProject, the free to use plugin service that provides websites with protection. With 8.6 billion global avatars served daily and 450 TB of data being transferred by 9 global datacentres each day, WordPress really has proved to be a successful online web-hosting tool.

BruteProject is installed on more than 116,000 websites globally so far, providing multisite protection from brute force attacks using advanced tools including malware scanning and blacklist warnings. Despite these vast numbers, we can expect them to rise drastically now BruteProject is under ownership of WordPress.

Globally, 22% of all websites use WordPress in order to host their pages with over 15.5 billion wordpress hosted pages and 410 million people viewing them. If you think that’s fascinating, what about this? In a month alone, over 42million new posts and 61million new comments are produced.

Imagine having that much activity on your website!

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