Windows To Dramatically Drop Prices On Small-Screen Devices

Surface-Press-01-580-90An announcement made by Microsoft has revealed plans to drop prices on small screen handheld devices by an even greater plummet than in 2013. The generic aim is to achieve industry competitiveness for 7, 8 and 10 inch devices.

Microsoft are focusing on the smaller tablets which were priced from £180 – £300 in 2013, however are aiming to drop the prices to between £60 – £180 for 2014 with Windows phone handsets to drop below £120.

The major price drops were made to create surprise and competition across tech firms and customers, providing Windows to 9 inch tablet makers for free back in April to help drop the cost per unit even more to assist price drops.

Although many price drops are expected to occur, this is to mostly entry level and mainstream products, fixing the higher performance devices at a higher, untouched price.

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