Windows 10 Will Be Arriving In Summer

Windows 10It has now officially been confirmed that Windows 10 will arrive earlier than many consumers expected, with dates set to be released some time in summer rather than October as originally assumed. An official blog post has been made on their website, containing details of the new operating system.

Windows 10 will be available across 190 countries in 111 languages, with the upgrade being available for free for the first year for both genuine and pirated version of the operating system, as confirmed in the following statement: “Upgrading all qualified PC’s, genuine and non-genuine to Windows 10”.

Some may argue that allowing pirated copies of earlier operating systems to upgrade for free is a bit like rewarding bad behaviour however is claimed to be an attempt to “re-engage customers” since over 75% of PC’s in China alone run pirated copies. By releasing Windows 10 as a free upgrade for the first year is very much in line with that of Apple who offer their operating systems as a free, essentially making it free and non-profitable.

A specific date has not yet been announced but we can expect to find out very soon.

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