Will Tesco Be The Next Leading Smartphone Brand? 1

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tesco mobileTesco have announced that they will be releasing their own brand smartphone by the end of this year following the release of their Hudl Tablet which has sold half a million units so far after entering the lower end of the tablet market with low specifications and a low sale price of £119. The Hudl Tablet 2 is due to be release in September.

The Tesco smartphone will run on a forked version of android with pre-installed Tesco services, such as Blinkbox to allow online shopping. Future applications are expected to be added such as a Tesco banking service and eventually a Scan and Pay in-store which will lead to the next generation of self-service tills. The smartphone specifications are expected to compare to the Galaxy S5, designed to compete with some of the best smartphones available whilst being “aggressively priced”.

With the details provided from Tesco’s CEO, the Tesco smartphone is expected to be placed in direct competition with the Google Nexus 5 which also undercuts competition of premium android smartphones by approximately £200. However, Tesco are not the only company to be developing their own smartphones. Amazon have also reportedly been designing their own smartphone range which includes the 3D holographic phone which is allegedly due for release in September. The question is, who will get it right? Tesco, Amazon or the current leading smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung?

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