Wi-Fi Bus Stops To Enter London?

Wi-FiBoris Johnson has made an announcement requesting for bus shelters and lamp-posts in London to be installed with free public Wi-Fi hotspots. This request has came after previous ideas being rejected and shocking statistics that suggest that London’s population may exceed 11 million people by 2050, with further stats suggesting a 50% increase in underground journeys and 80% increase in rail services.

Unlike previous plans which fell through such as free Wi-Fi on London buses by 2011, a lengthy timescale of 2050 has been placed, giving enough time, planning and understanding to be developed in order to take London to the next step of being a Global Digital Leader. Broadband access is now considered a 4th utility however with a poor infrastructure, there is no guarantee for homes, water, energy, transport, digital connectivity and better quality of life due to infrastructure affecting everything we do, using it in our everyday lives.

It has been estimated that 600 new schools and 50,000 new homes will be needed in order to help keep London’s digital economy growing and cater for the rapidly increasing population, with discussions of expansion at Heathrow airport. But this isn’t outrageous plans and ideas; this is a wakeup call to the future needs of London. Without a long term plan in place, it is believed that London may falter, leaving the people of London with concerns over lack of future resources to guarantee quality of life.

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