What To Expect From Android L

Android L logoAndroid users are all waiting patiently for the next upgrade to their operating system, however many do not know that a prototype has already been made. The yet to be named prototype, currently referred to as Android L, set out with a vision to extend the battery life of your portable devices… and it succeeded.

Android L was tested by comparing the battery life of two Nexus 5 smartphones where one was installed with existing Android 4.4 Kitkat and the other with Android L. The test consisted for both screens being at full brightness with energy saving settings turned off whilst being connected to Wi-Fi and refreshing a webpage every 15 seconds.

Once the first battery had drained, it showed that Andoid L had already been successful although it is amazing by just how much. Statistics showed that despite Android L only being in the prototype stage, it had already achieved it’s aims, increasing the battery life of the Nexus 5 by 36% compared to the matching device that was running on Kitkat. The release date is a long time away yet, meaning further improvements could boost that 36% even higher.

New features have also been added to attempt to make battery life last longer, including Job Scheduler which allows for unimportant app requests to be batched together in order to increase battery efficiency. Battery Historian has also been added for tracking statistics to see which apps and features are draining battery life the most.

Unfortunately, Android users are going to have to wait until the release for a longer lasting battery however if stats continue to improve, the wait will be worth it for a device that has a battery life that works around you.

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