What Makes For A Great IT Support Company?

A woman wearing a telephone headsetIf you’ve taken a look through our website or spoken to us, you’ll be aware that we offer a vast array of different IT services.

From providing individual pieces of hardware, such as laptops, right through to developing and implementing full and in-depth networks, we believe we have the knowledge, experience and resources to be able to meet an organisation’s IT needs, whatever they may be.

Of the various services we offer, however, one of our most popular is our full IT support North East service, where we essentially act as your company’s IT department.

Providing the support and assistance your employees need, without having to invest massively in the development and continued growth of a dedicated department, it can be the perfect option for many organisations.

If you’ve looked into such a service previously, you’ll be aware that several companies offer an IT support service – but what actually makes for a great IT support company?


In our eyes, one of the most important factors is the amount of experience the company has.  In theory, anyone could setup a company that offers an IT support service, but without in-depth experience of a wide variety of different IT areas, how can you offer true value for money?

Sure, we’re not saying we’ll be able to provide an instant answer to every single question we’re asked, but not only are we certain we’ll be able to actually do this in the majority of cases, we’re confident we’ll be able to provide you with the answer you need in a short space of time.

And this is all because we have many years experience of working in the industry, which has meant we’ve been able to be involved in a huge array of different projects and have encountered – and resolved – what seems like an uncountable amount of issues

Continued Development

But this isn’t the only component of a great IT support company – we strongly believe continually developing your knowledge base is vital, too.

You gain knowledge over time.  The more you work and the more problems you come across, the more your knowledge base naturally increases.

But in the world of IT support, you essentially need to be preempting problems that could occur and the subsequent questions you’re likely to be asked.  It’s because of this why we feel it’s important that any successful IT support company is always looking to actively develop their knowledge as much as they can.

You need to be understanding the latest technologies.  Finding out new ways of how things could work.  Ultimately, you need to have knowledge that’s not just based on your past experiences, but the most up-to-date information possible.

Customer Satisfaction

What’s also an important quality for the company to have, away from the technical knowledge and experience, is an ability to truly please and satisfy the customer.

When someone with an IT problem calls for support, the company needs to ensure they’re approaching the discussion in the most appropriate way.

If it’s a particularly technical problem, chances are the person has a good understanding of the issue in one sense and so it’s likely to be acceptable – and beneficial – to communicate on a technical level.

If the problem is seemingly a simple IT one, then the opposite needs to happen.  We’re not talking about ‘dumbing’ things down completely or being condescending, but simply understanding that some people don’t have the knowledge of IT that others do.

Being an experienced IT support company, we feel confident in knowing just what it takes to offer the best support service possible and if you have any questions at all about the service we can offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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