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Our whole focus at Comtek is to provide a solution to as many IT problems, issues and complexities that organisations so regular face as we possibly can.

From full IT support Durham through to the one-off installation of a new network, our knowledge and experience gained over many years makes us confident that we can easily and efficiently meet the growing IT demands that are required by the vast majority of organisations.

Continually aiming to offer the widest range of IT solutions as we can, whilst we provide a number of individual services, most can be found under one of these five umbrella terms.


IT is a continually changing industry and because of this, the related needs of businesses follow suit.

From data servers through to user machines, we can provide every product that’s needed to ensure your organisation’s IT processes are as up-to-date and efficient as they can possibly be.


Whilst we can offer a range of different products, we know that for many organisations, it’s not simply enough or it’s in fact not what they’re looking for.

As this is the case, we are able to deliver a vast array of different services, including IT support, project management and general consultancy, all with the aim of ensuring you have the most efficient IT systems in place.


The extensive development of internet technologies has meant that more and more communication channels are regularly becoming available – but telephone is still the primary contact method for most.

From a digital system with 600 extensions or networked, multi-site communications with Voice over IP (VoIP), we can provide it all at Comtek.


Internet access forms an integral part of any organisation’s operations today and the fastest, most efficient broadband connections are continually being strived for.

With the Comtek network supporting line speeds of up to 80 Mbit/s and covering over 90% of the UK, we’ve got a variety of packages available and you can be confident it’s more than likely we’ll be able to deliver them to your organisation.

IT / Misc. Solutions

Although the above summarises the majority of our offerings at Comtek, we are also able to provide a total managed service for various IT needs.

Whether it’s for system planning or office relocation, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the service you require.

At Comtek, we’ve got years of experience in everything from VoiP Newcastle to full IT support North East and feel confident that whatever your IT needs are, we’ll be able to meet them time and time again.

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