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An active network serverAt Comtek, we provide the highest quality IT solutions we possibly can and are proud to continually deliver to our motto of being ‘in business to keep you in business’.

Offering a range of IT support north east solutions, from broadband networks through to telephony systems, our aim is to take the complexities of IT away from organisations, so to allow you to concentrate fully on your primary business model.

We know that IT is a necessity today.  You know that IT is a necessity today.  However, what we also know is that to have the most effective IT strategy possible, you need to have years of experience and focus on it solely – unfortunately, this is where so many organisations fall down.

Taking a step out of their comfort zone, they often try to develop their own IT solutions.  And chances are, they’ll develop something that can be of use.

The problem is it’s unlikely to be anywhere near as effective as it could be, nor as efficient.  It will require constant monitoring, development and investment to ensure it simply continues to work, irrelevant of how useful it actually is.

At Comtek, we take all of this away from you.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your organisation is, we can remove any amount of worry or concern you have around your IT systems and develop, implement and support a system that achieves everything you need it to.

Ease-of-use.  Effectiveness.  Efficiency.  Within budget.  Scalable.  Manageable.  Everything.

Right throughout the entire process, our focus is always on ensuring the end product meets your needs, both as an individual user and as an organisation as a whole.  We draw on our years of knowledge to be confident that customer satisfaction is consistently of a high level.

And as much as we receive glowing testimonial after glowing testimonial, we know there’s no such thing as a perfect company and we’re therefore always trying to improve, which is the reason why we’ve decided to setup this blog.

We wanted a platform upon which we could provide news, information, help and advice about all of the services and products we provide, the industries we work in and our company as a whole.

Our knowledge and experience is continually expanding and we want to share as much of it as we can with you, so to ensure you can develop a good understanding of everything from Comtek as a company through to what’s new in the world of commercial telephony systems.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re delivering a one-off small business server Newcastle or a continual support package, we ensure that every single customer is satisfied with the service we offer – and simply put, we strongly believe our blog is now going to help us do this better than ever.

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