Voice Calling Issues For HTC One Confirmed

HTC OneA fault with the HTC One M7 has been discovered after a HTC service pack from the Google Play store resulted in users of the smartphone being unable to make or receive phone calls. The issue has also been identified on the M8 model however HTC have not confirmed this as being a genuine issue yet.

Although not currently a hugely widespread issue, a significant number of users have still been affected, resulting in a statement being released from HTC acknowledging the issue stating a “fix will roll out in the coming days”. The issues only affects network calls, leaving WiFi calling unaffected.

“We are aware that some HTC One M7 (and possibly some M8) users have recently been experiencing audio issues making network calls on their devices” – HTC spokesperson

So far, the exact issue remains unconfirmed with the issue only being confirmed on the 2013 model despite reports of issues with the M8.

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