Vodafone To Release Internet Controlling App For Parents


A new app to be released by Vodafone could be the ultimate tool for parents to control the internet usage of their kids by granting them the ability to change the internet speed.

The tool will let users allocate priority of internet speed across each connected device, whilst guest accounts can be created for those who may only be using the internet as a one off. A boost button will allow a parents to increase the internet speed on their device, whilst other connected devices will be slowed down considerably.

Not only can a parent control the internet speeds but they can also turn the internet off completely via the app, preventing their kids from using the internet for anything they shouldn’t be whilst they are unsupervised at home. There are already many ways which parents can control their child’s internet and tech usage, using the likes of iOS parent controls on Apple devices or by using apps such as Dinnertime and Timeaway, however the Vodafone app would give a parent ultimate control.

The app was originally expected to be released some time around now, however is now not thought to be fully unveiled until later this year.

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