VineKids – Child Friendly Vines To Your Phone


It has been 2 years since Twitter officially launched Vine: the streaming service which contains compilations of random clips ranging on average between 5 and 10 seconds long. Vine is filled with many amazing clips, however is now becoming child friendly with its new app – VineKids.

VineKids will be made child friendly through it’s own filtered app which will remove any appropriate content that can normally be found on the original app. This step is being taken after it had been identified that children loved the short clips, however proved a difficult task for parents with constant monitoring with the fear of something appearing on the screen that shouldn’t.

The new app is currently only available on iOS with no mention of when it will become available on Android. It will function by allowing a child to swipe left or right in order to view different Vines, whilst giving them the ability to tap the screen to release obscure sounds. Not only will VineKids have child friendly clips but will also be filled with animated characters that will make it even more appealing for kids.

The idea was produced during a Hack Week, which is where Vine employees are given one week to work on anything they like with the encouragement to come up with new ideas and designs. In this case, not only is it a fantastic marketing move but also a useful resource for any parents, carer or babysitter.

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