Universal Typeface Experiment Ran By Bic To Produce New Font

UntitledPen maker Bic are currently running a universal typeface experiment in order to collect handwriting samples from as many people as they can across the world for a new font. Bic are aiming to create a universal font based on averages across handwriting samples in order to replace Comic Sans for the likes of birthday cards, signs and designs. 159226 people have made a contribution so far, however the numbers are still increasing rapidly. Keep reading to find out how to get involved.

To participate in the universal typeface experiment, click here to be redirected to the website then click “contribute” on the right hand side of the screen. Don’t worry, the entire process is simple and takes barely a couple of minutes, however have a touch screen device at the ready which has internet connection, otherwise trying to write eligibly with a mouse or laptop touch pad could get messy. Continue to follow the on screen instructions until complete.

Once completed, an option to remain anonymous or sign in via Facebook will become available, however it’s entirely your decision whichever you choose. At the end, you can compare your handwriting to all the others who have participated and compare them by gender, age, which hand they write with and profession.

I’ve done it – so should you! Enjoy!

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