Ultrapak To Release Record Breaking On The Go Smartphone Charger 2

battery-620x349Ultrapak are to release a new on-the-go smartphone charger which has the power to fully charge a smartphone after only 15 minutes of pre-charging. External power packs usually take hours to charge in order to make any impact upon a low battery smartphone, however the new Ultrapaks are claimed to provide enough power to fully charge a phone after only 15 minutes.

There are two types of Ultrapak to be released.

The first of these is the Ultrapak GO. This will be charged at only £35.75 and take only 30 minutes to full charge. It contains a 3,000 mAh battery, which after only 15 minutes of charging reaches 2000 mAh which is enough to top out the charge on a smartphone with a dead battery,

The second release is the Ultrapak TOUR which will cost £59.60 and take 1 ½ hours to fully charge. The battery contains 10,000 mAh and like the Ultrapak GO, takes only 15 minutes to reach 2,000 mAh which can fully charge a smartphone.

The new Ultrapaks both have a simple display which indicates the current charge level and will be available to buy from June 30th however can be pre-ordered now.

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    • comtek Post author

      Hi there, I completely agree, such great and useful tools at quite a reasonable price too. Definitely considering purchasing these, perfect for my lifestyle