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Broadband Cable ConnectionA recent report has identified existing issues with UK broadband, deeming it unfit for purpose and damaging to the function of small businesses trying to grow and thrive. Frustration by the lack of reliability and speed of existing broadband has been expressed by small businesses, however some argue the broadband is just not ambitious enough compared to other nations, bearing in mind Finland aim to have a 100Mbps speed by 2015 where the UK only aims to have a 24Mbps speed by 2017.

Calls to the government have requested to commit to delivering a minimum of 10Mbps for all homes and businesses by 2017 and an increase of 1 Gbps by 2030. The broadband issues affected every corner of the UK, including the likes of London who remain to receive a poor broadband service. Cover in rural areas is either poor or non-existent, meaning great improvements are needed to bring UK broadband up to an acceptable level.

The report discovered 3 shocking facts about the UK broadband:

-94% of small businesses consider a reliable internet connection to be critical to their business’ function.

-Speed dial is still used by 45,000 small businesses in the UK

-85% of firms are not happy with their broadband

Other suggestions made are to deliver fibre optic broadband to new and existing business parks, improve the national broadband strategy and reform the broadband market.

Despite optimism towards improvements to UK broadband, there may still be many problems with this that have been overlooked. Although calls have been made for the government to fund this, it can be guaranteed that homes and companies will pay for this in lease line fees and general monthly service charges, deeming the all new and powerful broadband unaffordable and in no way ideal. It is believed small businesses need universal access to the internet in order to prosper and thrive, but if costs increase, will these companies really be able to afford it?



Rumors about Google Fibre Have been floating around after Google was admittedly found having discussions with UK ISPs however this has been disregarded by Google. CLICK HERE to learn more

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