Twitter To Remove Images Of The Deceased At Family Request

TwitterAfter the Twitter bullying of Zelda Williams following the death of her father Robin Williams, Twitter made a promise that they would inspect their policies and focus on improvements that could be made following the death of a family member. Less than a week later and the policy has gained a new edition, providing users with the ability to remove the deceased’s accounts, images and videos.

Twitter has developed this service in order to “respect the wishes of loved ones” however warns that due to public interest factors including news and popularity, not all requests may be honoured. Only direct family members can request the removal of these details however no access to the individual’s account may be acquired. In some respects, the new Twitter service is much like that of Google’s right to be forgotten, including the fact that multiple steps need to be taken in order to send a request.

In order to request the removal of data, here are the steps that are required.

Twitter Removal Of Deceased

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