TweetDeck Becomes Next Victim In A List Of Security Breaches

tweetdeck securityIt was reported last night that Tweetdeck had been taken offline in order to address a security issue where an XSS security vulnerability was spotted, resulting in the compromise of many TweetDeck accounts that were logged in. Users were locked out of their accounts whilst the service as taken offline, being advised upon the return of the site to log out and then back in, in order to apply the fixes made.


It was originally only Chrome users who appeared to be infected however not long later, the hacking spread to Firefox and Windows Desktop Client. The hack allowed for the intruders to remotely access the JavaScript code, implanting their own in it’s place and causing popups and spamming retweets on Twitter. Although not excessively serious as to what they are doing, the potential to escalate the issue always withstands to turning it into something even more serious.

After a few hours of being down, TweetDeck finally returned their services with the belief all security issues were fixed, however a later update revealed their “quick fix” wasn’t working. Nothing has been posted by TweetDeck since announcing all issues have been resolved, however many users remain to be affected.

It is advised to monitor what TweetDeck does post in order to keep up to date with what’s happening, however the best advice is to give TweetDeck some distance until all issues are definitely fully resolved

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