Train Wi-Fi To Be Boosted Following Network Rail Fines

choo choo train

Network Rail are due to be fined after missing key punctuality targets on long distance services for 5 years, however this money isn’t going to waste. With government financial assistance, Wi-Fi for long distance trains are expected to increase speed by over 10 times. But just how badly have these rail services been doing?

Network Rail have reportedly been running late on long distance trains for 5 years including the likes of Cross Country, East Coast, Grand Central and Virgin. A fine of up to £70 million could be issued as a result of the mass number of targets missed, although it is expected to be lower due to allowances regarding weather related delays.

If £70million doesn’t sound like enough, the government have agreed to fund up to £90million of the scheme despite it not being expected to be complete for another 4 years. The plans are to attach transmitters to the tracks to allow for constant signal across the commute rather than searching for a satellite as you go. The busiest commuting lines are to be favoured with the improved Wi-Fi although other long distance lines will eventually receive the fast paced Wi-Fi.

The plans sound reasonable despite the slight disregard to the fact working on the lines will cause further disruption and delays. So for those of you that have been suffering delays for the past 5 years, don’t fret: Network Rail will make this up to you with another 4 years of delays with an end result of faster connection.

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