The Robot That Brings Your Printed Documents

Robot PrinterWe all enjoy those few minutes we get away from the desk we get whilst collecting our print outs from the printer, however after the development of a new printer, the opportunity to waste time for a few moments is obliterated. Fuji Xerox has developed a robot printer that brings your documents right to you so that you don’t have to move from your seat.

Using a LIDAR scanner situated on the top of the robotic scanner, a 3D map is created to allow navigation of the robot across the office. Desks doors can all be avoided, as well as any objects that may be obstructing a pathway that have been dropped or placed there only temporarily. Documents are kept private due to the robot not beginning the printing process until it reaches the user whose documents they belong, preventing them from being read by anyone else whilst on their travels.

The Fuji Xerox printer sounds like a manager’s delight, although maybe not so much for the employees wanting a few minutes to stretch their legs and pass time. But for now we should all be okay, that is until it becomes the main function of every office. You can wish your leg stretching goodbye once one of these is installed.

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