The Cloud – Ignore Or Embrace As A Small Business?

Two white clouds in a blue sky, one bigger than the otherAs a popular IT support North East company, we have the pleasure of talking to a vast amount of people on a regular basis.

Covering a huge array of topics, a lot of the discussions we have are essentially based around problem solving or alleviating fears.  We speak to people who have an issue or who are concerned about something and we do our utmost to ensure they leave the conversation feeling more positive about the whole situation.

One such topic we talk about regularly is the cloud.  Chances are, if you’re in business and utilise even a minimal amount of technology, you’ll have heard of it and generally speaking, most of the people we speak to have a basic understanding of what it is.

The truth is it might only be a particularly basic understanding, but it’s an understanding nonetheless.

The problem is, as the amount of knowledge they have on the cloud really is only minimal, it means they can’t make certain decisions based around it, something that can so easily result in it being ignored.

And for some small businesses, this won’t be an issue.  Adoption of cloud services won’t impact on their business’s growth and development and although it definitely won’t harm it, there isn’t a need to move towards the cloud.

For many more, however, utilising the cloud could help to push their business forward in a way they weren’t previously aware of.

On the most simplest of terms, the best way to think of the cloud is as a harddrive in the sky.  You have direct access to it as you would if it was located within your office, but without any of the wired connections.

Although this is a particularly basic explanation of the cloud, it’s enough to spark an interest in it for many small business owners!

When we look at the subject more in-depth, it becomes a whole lot more complex as there’s such a considerable amount of information to take into consideration – but whichever aspect we look at, it’s almost guaranteed to be of huge benefit to your small business.

For example, we could look at something such as basic storage in the cloud, which would free up space on your computer making it faster and therefore more effective and efficient.

Alternatively, we could look at something slightly more complex, such as remote desktop applications.  Essentially giving you access to your home or office computer’s desktop no matter where you are in the world, it can help to reduce costs considerably in a variety of different ways.

We’ve purposely only given a basic overview of the cloud in this blog post.  We know by talking about everything from the Cisco Unified Computing System through to bespoke data centre development that it can often be more beneficial to discuss complicated topics in-depth when we can highlight how they will be of exact benefit to you.

Therefore, if you have any questions at all about the cloud – or in fact, any technology – and how it can impact on your small business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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