The All New X1 Carbon Ultrabook from Lenovo

X1 carbon lenovo

The X1 Carbon is the world’s thinnest and lightest 14 inch ultrabook at a thickness of 17.7mm and a weight of 1.3kg. The X1 carbon is powered by 4th generation Intel processors and is deemed to be the most attractive, durable and powerful ultrabook yet. With a new user interface and a colour burst display with high connectivity, the X1 Carbon is the best professional notebook for mobile performance. The X1 Carbon can have up to 8GB of DDR3L, with improvements made to battery life in order to allow for up to 9 hours of usage from a full charge. Whilst having a smooth multitasking and responsive web browsing interface, the X1 provides the best professional displays with a 10 point multi-touch screen with levels of great accuracy, all optimised for Windows 8.1.

The X1 Carbon allows for high connectivity, providing wireless capabilities, legacy imaging, network support, HDMI ports for transferring HD content and fast transfer speeds. One Link Pro Dock is also installed in order provide connectivity for video displays, Ethernet and USB as well as having a dynamic adaptive keyboard to make usage easier.

There are three services available with the X1 Carbon. Accidental damage protection allows for products to be protected from unexpected drops and spills whilst providing genuine Lenovo parts for all repairs. A four year warranty is also available with the X1 Carbon, eliminating the risk of unplanned costs and providing convenient on-site support. The final service provided is the image load and asset tagging, which reduces technician deployment time and reduces loss and theft of technology assets.

You still may have many questions about the X1 Carbon Ultrabook. Here is a few of them answered

How sturdy is it?

Despite being so light and thin, the X1 is the toughest ThinkPad notebook ever made with satellite grade carbon fibre cases to provide a lighter, stronger and higher resilience than that of aluminium or magnesium. The X1 Carbon is also MIL spec tested, passing 8 tests under extreme conditions. A spill resistant keyboard is also a key feature, allowing that extra bit of sturdiness.

What is WQHD?

WQHD stands for wide quad HD. This means that our colour burst display has 4 times the pixels of a standard HD screen. The X1 carbon has 2 million more pixels and 30% more viewing area than the likes of similar products, making it the most superior, professional screen. An anti-glare, anti-fingerprint matte screen is also fitted to allow better display.

Why is there no SD card slot?

Lenovo responded to users who wanted better connectivity options. Through the addition of a full HDMI port, a OneLink port and a native Ethernet port, the X1 is now more versatile in and out of work.

How does the adaptive keyboard work?

Four dynamic function rows are programmed to change based on the application you open. It allows for you to cycle through rows by pressing the function button and can be customised to allow for tailoring to the user’s needs.

How does gesture and voice control work?

These options can be activated by pressing static buttons on the adaptive row. Once gesture control is activated, it can then recognise 10 gestures that make it easier for you to navigate a presentation with free hands. The voice control option allows for the user to sit comfortably whilst searching websites, giving presentations and dictating content.

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