Comtek specialises in delivering feature rich, reliable phone systems which can scale as the customer requires and seamlessly integrate with Voice over IP technology (VoIP), Unified Messaging, multi-site installations and call centres.

Computer telephony integration (CTI) allows your company to communicate both internally and most importantly with your customers. Comtek supplies digital telephone systems with solutions suitable for all businesses from a small office to large call centre environments.

In addition to the phone systems we can provide management information from the phone system to allow you to create a full audit trail of all calls made, received, wrap up times, queue and hold times and call duration.

Unified Messaging is the ideal solution for managing all your business information using the PC in conjunction with your phone. Manage faxes, voicemail, e-mail plus a host of advanced benefits to your business communications. The latest technology enables all your email messages to be automatically read out to you remotely, allowing you to forward them to colleagues or reply to sender with ease.

Among the many benefits we can provide:

  • Digital phone systems with 4 – 600 extensions
  • Networked multi-site communications with Voice over IP
  • Centralised telephone system for remote workers
  • System DECT cordless telephones
  • Centralised information with Unified Messaging
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