Talko: Reinventing Phone Calls

A Telephone Handset And ReceiverA new app has been developed by former Microsoft guru in an attempt to fix something we all use that he perceives as broken; Phone Calls. Many of us dislike the use of conference calls due to the inconvenience they can bring, however this new app named Talko aims to replace phone and conference calls, putting them all into one place and bringing convenience back into voice communication.

Talko takes care of voice calls and voicemail, transforming it into a more modern process by adding multiple new features, including the ability to tag certain parts of a conversation and accessing archives of old calls. Additional features include the ability to send photos and text messages during calls, as well as leaving voice messages for entire groups of people. The group setting function allows for group voice messages to be left almost like a reply all feature found on emails, targeting businesses running team based projects that keep everyone in the know.

Although this app may sound like it could be the new voice messaging system we all want to use, it has many limitations such as the fact you can only call other users who have the app installed onto their iPhone, as it is currently not supported on android devices or desktops. So in other words, this free app could cost you hundreds if you were to implement it into your business, and that’s just purchasing the multiple iPhones that it will work with.

So for now, I think Talko will stay a good idea but not a viable solution for business just yet.

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