Synaptics: The Future In Fingerprint Unlocking Devices 2


Finger print unlocking devices have always been popular however the release of Apple’s iPhone 5S last year brought finger print scanning phones into a market of their own. This new trend has resulted in Samsung providing finger print unlocking features in their latest phone, the Galaxy S5.

Synaptics is the company that provides Samsung with these chips, however since the release of the iPhone 5S, have already seen an increase in popularity for fingerprint scanning from other markets, resulting in a 14% rise in share price and a comfortable 45% market share. The use of the chip in the Galaxy S5 is expected to bring Synaptics the strongest annual revenue growth since 2007 however the question is, will the fingerprint system really prove to be that popular?

In 2011, the first fully released phone to contain a fingerprint scanner was the Motorola Atrix 4G, however interest was low due to the inconsistent function and high price tag that was deemed justifiable for the newly released product. Once the release of the iPhone 5S was made, the HTC One Max was released with a very similar feature, however still proved unpopular compared to the Apple product.

Therefore the question still remains, will the Galaxy S5 provide Synaptics with a new 80% market share as desired, or will Apple’s new iPhone release next year take the lead again and leave the Galaxy S5 as another failed attempt at competition against one of the market leaders?

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2 thoughts on “Synaptics: The Future In Fingerprint Unlocking Devices

  • iphone 4 ios 7 unlock

    I am more comfortable with getting a LG or a Chinese set than spending a lot of my hard earned money on just released iPhones. The unlocked new iPhones are very pricy and the locked iPhones are also not very good to have particularly if you are like myself who happen to travel too much.

    • comtek Post author

      Thank you for the comment
      For those who regularly travel, I must agree, iPhones really aren’t ideal, however I personally am pro Apple so for me, I wouldn’t have anything other than an iPhone