Spotify Security Breach 1

Spotify have announced yesterday of a security breach that allowed for unauthorized access to systems and internal company data. The security breach has been noted as small scale, affecting only one user who is believed to have been hacked due to the use of outdated Spotify software that no longer reached the same security level of the more recent, up to date app version. The individual affected has been informed of the breach on their account, however no password, financial or payment information was accessed.

The security breach has been declared as having no increased risk, however all Spotify android app users will be forced to upgrade to a more recent version as well as 40 million overall users being made to re-enter, but not change, their passwords. Although such a minor event, this could still cause major streaming issues, especially since it is only a week since online marketing site eBay declared a security breach from earlier in the year. With so many breaches lately, the question is, who will be the hacker’s next victim?

For details on the eBay security breach, click here

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