Soundcloud Introducing Ads To It’s Services For The First Time

SoundcloudToday is the first day that we have ever seen ads on Soundcloud – the site that provides budding musicians with a playground to upload their best work whilst visitors can stream and download their content. This release started today in the US however will be going international, moving across one country at a time.

These adverts have arrived following a new Soundcloud subscription service that allows for different subscription tiers depending on the amount a user is willing to pay, with Partner being the cheaper subscription option and Premier being the most expensive. This new subscription is targeted at allowing Soundcloud creators to monetise their music, allowing Premier Tier subscribers to produce their own adverts which will be played on the Soundcloud website at “occasional” intervals.

Soundcloud will remain to be free for general users however is being forced to monetise it’s services in an attempt to become more competitive after increased success with existing service Spotify and future threats presented by the soon to be YouTube subscription service Music Key. There is currently no subscription service allowing for ads to be skipped, therefore it is a question of whether or not this service will ever be available or if ads will be an indefinite mandatory feature of Soundcloud.

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