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sonosSony wireless speakers provide a full bodied sound that’s clear at any volume with no skips, delays or drops, providing perfect synchronisation in every room. The speakers are simple to set up with no rewiring or complex programming, whilst allowing the connection of any Sonos component to your router, allowing all Sonos components to link wirelessly with one touch.

Sonos HiFi speakers allow for music to be streamed from your computer, tablet or smartphone using the PLAY speakers, or even to use your existing stereo or speakers using the CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP. Music can be played from many different sources including:

-ITunes Library     -Amazon CloudPlayer       -Google Play

-Spotify                 -HypeMachine                    -TuneIn

-Napster               -Qobuz                               -Rdio                -Deezer                             -Digital

-8 Tracks              -Concert Vault                   -Stitcher                 -Calm radio             

The new Sonos controller app allows all components to be controlled at the press of a button from the universal app that functions on your computer, tablet and smartphone. The app allows control over every speaker whilst allowing you to manage the queue of music, search quickly across all music services at once and choose individual songs to play in each room. New features allow users to explore new controller function whilst being able to add alarms, explore pre-loaded radio stations, search and save, create stereo pairs and tell friends what’s playing by sharing with Facebook and Twitter.

The most important of the Sonos components to buy is the BRIDGE. The BRIDGE connects to your Wi-Fi router and allows for all components to run wirelessly in any room across the household. In the range of wireless speakers for general room use, Sonos have the PLAY range which come as the PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5.

The PLAY:1 is a small, compact speaker that will fit anywhere, providing plenty of power with a deep bass sound to satisfy with great audio quality every time. The PLAY:3 has even deeper bass and even more power in order to provide great audio for those rooms that are a tiny bit bigger and need that extra volume without compromised quality. The PLAY:5 is the last of the wireless speakers, providing the deepest bass and power enough to fill the biggest of rooms.

Sonos also provide a range for Home Theatre, including the PLAYBAR which is a HiFi sound bar designed for TV and music lovers. The SUB provides soul shaking bass for movies and music, working as an additional bass booster to enhance your music and indulge your favourite films. A final addition to the Home Theatre range is the PLAY:1, used as a dual speaker in order to provide full 5.1 surround sound to help you enjoy your movies as though you were really there.

For those of you who already have a stereo but want speakers to go with it, the CONNECT can turn your old third party stereo into a home theatre and music streaming system. Alternatively, for those of you with speakers but no stereo, you can use the CONNECT:AMP, allowing you to turn old speakers into music streaming. None of Sonos speakers were designed for outdoor use, however the CONNECT:AMP can be used to stream music through third party speakers that were designed for outdoor use.

One of the frequently asked questions is, “do I really need a BRIDGE?” The answer here is regarding your desired use for the Sonos components. If you don’t mind hard wiring your speakers in, then the BRIDGE is unnecessary, however for the primary use of wireless speakers for music systems and home theatre, the answer is yes. The speakers cannot function wirelessly without the BRIDGE.

The Sonos warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of every Sonos product during it’s applicable warranty period of a year, excluding any accidents or misuse of the product. Each customer has a 60 day return right, allowing customers dissatisfied with the products to return them.

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