Songza To Integrate With Google Play & YouTube

Songza-578-80After many rumours last month, it has finally been announced that Google has purchased music streaming app Songza – the app that allows you to stream music that matches your mood. This deal follows that of Apple who took over Beats last month at an exceptional cost.

Plans to integrate Songza with YouTube, Google Play and future Google music products have all been announced, however it has been promised to existing Songza customers that no changes will be made to the streaming service, although future intentions cannot be guaranteed

The app works linking complex algorithms with a DJ-created playlist, providing the listener with a collection of radio stations that match the weather, your mood, time of day, the activities you are doing and more.  The future of Songza is in Google’s hands, however this may not necessarily be a bad thing. A place could be waiting within the forthcoming YouTube Music subscription service, allowing the potential for overwhelming success despite YouTube’s recent conflicts with music signing companies who have refused to be bullied into low payment fees.

Theory states that Google will be the perfect candidate to take Songza under its wings, however the future will soon unfold as Google makes or breaks its bond with production companies, cutting it off from the world of upcoming artists and mainstream music

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