Should You Be Continually Developing Your IT Network?

A light blue increasing arrowIn today’s fast-paced world, it’s vital for any organisation to feel as though they’re staying ahead of the competition, doing what they can to utilise the latest tools and techniques that are becoming available.

For certain businesses, this is relatively easy.  They look at what’s being talked about and utilised most and capitalise on it, often based on what their competitors are doing.

A prime example of this is social media – as soon as organisations started to use it for business purposes, the effect was very much a snowball one and after a couple of months, using Twitter and Facebook for business was almost seen as a necessity.

For other businesses, however, it’s not as easy and today we want to take a look at those organisations who have even small IT networks – the simple fact is, just like everyone else, you need to be developing the resources you use, but when it comes to IT, there’s such a lot of choice available, it can be more than a little overwhelming, confusing and daunting.

When you’re a developing business and you’re considering the use of social media, your decision is going to come down to which of the various platforms you’re going to use.  To all intents and purposes, this is it; nothing more, nothing less.

Transfer this situation to an organisation trying to develop their IT network and as soon as they look at even a relatively minor aspect, there’s going to be a huge amount of choice available.

What’s more, if they’re making a decision over the course of a couple of weeks, it’s highly likely that the options open to them at the end are different to those at the start.

The initial selection you had available will still be there, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there were additional options to choose from, such is the pace at which so many IT aspects develop.

It’s because of this why many organisations choose not to make any regular investment in developing their IT network.  If it’s working to a certain degree at present and there appears to be too much choice to choose from, why bother trying to change it?

And simply put, you should bother for two reasons – by not doing so you’ll have less effective and efficient systems than you’re competitors, but it will also become more of problem later on down the line when you do need to change.  Little and often can be better than infrequent large changes.

Linked in here is the fact it’s worthwhile keeping in mind that just because new – or vast quantities of – products, tools and resources are available, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to utilise them all.  Some of them may not be suitable and others may turn out to be niceties rather than necessities.

It’s all about understanding why you need to develop and what you need to do to meet your requirements.  Be aware of this and the development process will start to become easier.

Every organisation with an IT environment should be looking to develop it regularly, but we know as an experienced company offering IT support in Newcastle that it can be anything but an appealing process.

A lot of this comes down to the fact there’s so much choice available, but when you get past this aspect and understand not everything will be relevant to you (and that even if it is, you don’t necessarily need to consider it all), the overall idea of developing your IT network regularly becomes much more attractive.

And by doing so, you genuinely will only have a more effective and efficient IT environment than ever before.

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