Should Cost Ever Be Considered More Than The Security Of Your IT Network?

An open padlock on top of a CDAs a company experienced in the provision of various different IT solutions, such as a small business server Newcastle, we always do our utmost to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.

Relatively simple on some occasions and more difficult on others, it’s based purely on the requirements of the individual customer.

For example, if we’re asked to provide a dozen laptops so sales staff can write proposals in a word processing programme when on the move, the customer is generally going to be satisfied as long as the laptops achieve these needs (which as you can imagine, are easy to meet).

When we’re asked to develop and implement an entire IT infrastructure that’s going to offer the utmost security to all company data, however, it can be slightly more tricky.  There’s considerably more to consider than the above and one of the main obstacles to overcome is the cost factor, something we want to address today.

The simple fact is, every organisation needs to be confident their data is fully secure at all times.  Whilst nothing can offer 100% protection (we’ve all seen the news reports of late about groups such as Anonymous hacking into the supposedly impenetrable networks of global organisations), sitting back and doing nothing will leave you wide open to major problems.

However, we’re fully aware that organisations don’t have bottomless pits of money to spend on data security.  They often simply want the basics, but even then it can cost more than anticipated and when this happens, it’s all too easy to run with the cheapest option, even though it doesn’t actually meet your needs.

Something that should never be the case – doing so will only jeopardise your organisation’s data – it’s imperative you fully understand what’s available and what you need, so to ensure you receive the best security solution possible for the money you have available.

At Comtek, they way we do this is by speaking to clients and getting a full and in-depth understanding of their existing systems, looking at everything from the amount of data they store through to the actual technical setup.

Once we have this understanding – ideally alongside an awareness of available spend – we can then provide a number of solutions at various prices, offering a variety of different cover options.

And whilst we can continually offer advice and discuss the benefits of each option, we know the end decision rests with the customer.  It’s because of this why we offer more than one option, so it can be clearly seen what you’ll get for your money, essentially ensuring the decision making process isn’t simply based on cost alone.

An established and experienced company offering a range of IT support North East solutions, we’re continually doing our utmost to satisfy customers and when it comes to the security of your IT network, we’re confident that by working together, we’ll be able to deliver the most suitable solution for both your technical requirements and available budget.

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