Send A Text To A Bad Driver Using The DiDi Plate App

imagesThe number of cars on the UK roads are increasing each year, however the number of bad drivers are growing even more rapidly, not only being a hazard but causing mass frustration to other vehicles. After reading an article this morning, I found details of an app that really caught my interest which I believe could have great potential if used in a different way to how it is marketed. Continue reading to learn more.

An app that is currently in the prototype stage called DiDi Plate is being developed to allow for drivers to send a text to other vehicles that they meet upon the road. The app works by scanning the vehicle number plate with their smartphone and sending them messages with the intention of informing them that they are driving like, to put it bluntly, an idiot. The feature wouldn’t be limited to app users, meaning opting out wouldn’t be an option and many users would receive unwanted spam messages, resulting in potential privacy issues.

texting_2161419b (1)Straight away, negative views of this app and issues behind it spring to mind, and I was exactly the same until I thought into the matter even deeper. Despite only being in the prototype stage so far, it isn’t expected to become available to general public without a lot of work being done to it, although it could be the way forward with driving, only in a different form.

With the way technology is developing, new tech is being brought into everything, such as the never-ending tech features on new cars, or the new motorcycle helmets that are currently in prototype allowing for voice control to flick through maps, weather and recording of camera footage. The Didi Plate could become one of these new technological features, only this one could actually be put to use.

Rather than featuring the application on your smartphone, the application could be used on a separate device in order to scan number plates of vehicles in front, much like those used on police vehicles for vehicle checks. However instead of collecting these people’s details or sending them threatening, abusive messages, this app could be used to report drivers who genuinely are driving dangerously and causing hazards on the roads.

Warning systems could be put in place, and vehicles constantly causing issues upon the road could be contacted once a report limit has been reached, allowing for issues to be identified and resolved without the need of constant monitoring. Realistic? Maybe.

This is only my personal opinion, however I can well believe there may be many others who will dismiss these ideas completely, whether they are the offenders themselves or genuinely believe these ideas are unrealistic and would never work if put into place.

Despite the current app developments and my personal beliefs, there may be one thing we can all agree on – if the app were to be released as it currently has been developed, at least we would be able to text the offenders who always block us into our own driveways and tell them to politely move. Just a thought…

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