Say Goodbye To Roaming Charges Abroad


Traveling abroad has always been an issue when it comes to the use of mobile data, being faced with the difficult decision of pay a pricey bill or do without for the duration of the trip. Bringing good news to their traveling users, Three is resolving this step by step, ditching roaming charges in an additional 5 countries to add to their existing 11 which are all part of the ‘Feel At Home’ scheme.

Customers can already currently stream for no extra charge in:

–          US
–          Indonesia
–          Sri-Lanka
–          Macau
–          Australia
–          Italy
–          Austria
–          Australia
–          Italy
–          Hong Kong
–          Sweden
–          Denmark
–          Republic of Ireland

As of the first of July, France, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and Norway. The services will be automatically available to every Three user, activating itself upon entry of the country without the need to inform the provider.

Despite this fantastic news, there is still much progress to go. Three has another 180 countries to go, where as other companies like EE have even further to go, allowing use of 4G when abroad however still holding a hefty bill at the end. For the sake of holiday makers and those that travel often, we can only hope other providers will catch on and cut roaming charges completely.

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