Samsung To Investigate Chinese Supplier Over Child Labour


Samsung has temporarily suspended business with a Chinese supplier after reports of child labour were accused by a New York campaign group. Authorities are looking into the matter however if accusations do prove to be true, Samsung will permanently halt business with the supplier due to a breach of the zero tolerance policy the company has regarding child labour.

Since 2013, there have been 3 audits conducted on this supplier, most recent dating to early June this year, however no cases of child labour were discovered during any of these. Evidence of this suspected case of child labour comes from an allegation claiming illegal hiring processes were undertaken on the 27th of June this year.

Following this incident, Samsung have announced they will be strengthening their hiring processes, not only at production facilities but at suppliers as well in order to prevent such a case from ever occurring again. This is the first time Samsung has had to deal with a case like this however no comments have been provided by the suppliers.

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