Russian Hackers Attack CNET

HackerThe technology news website CNET has been hacked this week by a Russian hacker group who attained the usernames, encrypted passwords and email addresses of over 1 million users. But was this a malicious hack or a constructive one?

The hack was reported by a representative of the Russian hacker group over a Twitter conversation, who proceeded to threaten to sell the database for 1 Bitcoin (the equivalent of $622), however later announced this was said purely to gain attention. The Russian group released a statement revealing their hack was in order to promote improvements to the security of the website, then continuing to help CNET identify and resolve the issue by offering security solutions.

This isn’t the first time this group have targeted high profile websites; last year they successfully hacked the BBC, as well as Adobe and Bank of America. The group rep’s final statement explained the meaning behind the group, claiming that their drive is to make the internet a better, safer place by raising awareness of security issues, although do not necessarily place any desire towards protection of copyright on torrent websites.

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