Relocating Offices? You Might Just Be Surprised At How Comtek Can Help 3

White and yellow RCA cablesOur focus at Comtek is to deliver IT solutions that are genuinely going to help our clients.

Whether you need a full and complete IT support Durham service or help with data recovery, we have the knowledge and experience to be able to deliver to your requirements every single time.

And yet as much as we regularly provide our services to a vast array of different clients, we still often hear some surprised by the the range of products and services we do actually offer.

This can be most apparent when a client is moving offices, as they’ll hire us for one aspect, only to realise we could in fact do a considerable amount more.

For example, it could easily be the case that a client comes to us explaining they’re relocating and would like us to take care of all of their data backup infrastructure, moving it from one building to the other with only minimal downtime.

Planning on using different companies – or even internal resources – for other aspects of the move, when we enquire more about their moving process, we’re always happy to inform clients that more often than not, we can assist with the moving of all of their IT resources.

From user machines through to network cabling, we can do it all and knowing this, clients can often breathe a sigh of relief, as it makes the entire project much more manageable.

Just think about it on a personal level – if you were moving house, it’s more straightforward if you can get one company in to do the vast majority of the work, rather than a dozen different companies all tackling a different room.

And that’s what we aim to do.  Our experience means that we can effectively and efficiently relocate an entire IT infrastructure, greatly reducing – if not entirely removing – the amount of involvement the client needs to have.

Telephony systems.  Broadband wiring.  Hardware installation.  Even user products, such as laptops Newcastle.  Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, we’re confident we can help you relocate everything you need, when you need it.

We really do aim to leave our clients feeling 100% satisfied with every single product and service we offer.  From the moment we begin working together through to the point of delivery, the client’s satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do, something that makes us feel certain we can meet client expectations time and time again.

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3 thoughts on “Relocating Offices? You Might Just Be Surprised At How Comtek Can Help

  • methew giffen

    hii ,

    nice post , it is time consuming and difficult job to relocate your office to a completely new location with all your soft data and hard data like furnitures ,computers , and employees stuffs .so one need to be verry careful while relocation. and to manage the things properly one should call any of the local removal and movers company to manage the whole relocation process .

  • Emile

    When relocating, it’s important to schedule the relocation of all IT services. That includes Fiber optic lines, Cable, etc. If you disconnect those services too early they can create problem and reconnecting them too late will Is another headache because your employees won’t be able to work. Make sure you have the phone number of the project manager or account manager of your IT services so that you can call them if you have problem. You don’t want to wait and find out on Monday morning that things are not working.