Red Phone Boxes Are Now Green Solar Powered Charging Stations

Red Phone BoxMany telephone boxes are left unused in the UK due to the rise in smartphones, however there have been many schemes based in London to return them to use. Medical equipment and libraries have been fitted into the tiny boxes however new plans are underway to transform the little red boxes into green solar powered charging stations for mobile phones. The first 6 were unveiled last week in London in an attempt to find new ways to use public spaces.

The solarbox charging stations will be free to use, providing a 20% boost after only 10 minutes of charging and being able to charge up to 100 phones a day. “Short, fun and exciting ads” will be display whilst users charge their phones, including ads from the likes of Tinder and Uber with 30% of the space being reserved for community projects. Reinforced screens to protect from vandals have been fitted, with plans for regular maintenance and overnight locking to keep them in top condition.

An 86cm solar panel has been fitted to the roof of each of the 6 boxes, containing a variety of charging stations for different models of phones. Bragging 6 users an hour already despite only being unveiled last week, it shows even the bright green lick of paint wont scare away smartphone users desperate to top their battery up. 5 more boxes are to be converted in April 2015, however the demand for green charging stations will have to increase in that time to make the project worthwhile.

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