Filestar Document Management

Filestar is our multi-user document management system for large, medium and small enterprises. Filestar manages documents – both paper and electronic and email in a secure audited archive. Filestar provides a solution for many paper-based processes as well as any process that involves controlled storage and access to documents, without the need for onerous manual intervention.

Here are just some of the common scenarios Filestar is currently managing for our customers.

  • Scan-to-archive of Proof of Delivery documents for a global logistics company
  • Scanning of invoices and purchase orders for Accounts Payable processes for a large electrical components manufacturer
  • Storage and retrieval of human resources documents and operational documents for an international fast food chain
  • Scanning of coursework and exam papers for a London based University
  • Version control and collaboration on client contracts, emails and other legal documents for a law firm to the music industry
  • Scanning and archival of shipping manifests for a large port authority
  • Archiving of legally required conformance paperwork for a steel manufacturer
  • Process and archive contractor timesheets and billing paperwork for a national recruitment agency chain
  • Scan and archive trip documentation for a transport and haulage firm
  • Version control and auditing of project documentation (designs, drawings, plans, correspondence, billings) for an engineering and construction consultancy
  • Managing client paperwork for financial advisors
  • Scanning and processing all lease paperwork for a leading corporate vehicle fleet management group
  • Scanning and archiving of compliance and regulatory paperwork for an aviation services company