Next generation Anti-virus technology

Comtek System Solutions has partnered with Comodo in offering The Industry’s Only Virus-Free Warranty for endpoint security and protection. With Comodo’s unique patented auto-sandboxing technology Comtek System Solutions can ensure that all viruses and malware are prevented from infecting your computer.

Comodo Endpoint Security protects against viruses and malware by focusing on prevention and not simply detection. Traditional antivirus solutions use a “detection” based approach whereby they examine items against a “blacklist” (a list of known bad files/threats) to determine which programs or files are safe to run or allow system access. The problem with this approach is that ALL threats must be known and that your computer’s blacklist file Must be continuously and instantly updated. Given this limitation, it is impossible for a blacklist to protect against all unknown threats.

Comodo’s Auto-Sandbox Technology automatically isolates unknown applications into an isolated environment, thus making the physical operating system untouchable. Comodo can therefore be the only developer of an anti-malware solution that offers a $5,000* limited warranty against infection.

With Comodo ESM you can be reassured your endpoint devices remain virus free. To arrange a demonstration please register your interest with Comtek System Solutions.

* Warranty protects against damage caused by malware and viruses, subject to terms and conditions.