The Inventors of Tokenless Authentication – They Lead Where Others Follow

SecurEnvoy is the trusted global leader of Tokenless® two-factor authentication. As the pioneers of mobile phone based Tokenless® authentication; SecurEnvoy lead the way with ground breaking solutions that others aspire to.

Their innovative approach to the Tokenless® market now sees thousands of users benefiting from their solutions all over the world. With users deployed across five continents, SecurEnvoy customers benefit from significant reduced time to deploy and a zero footprint approach means there is no remote software deployment and administrators enjoy the management tools allowing them to rapidly deploy up to 15000 users per hour.

SecurEnvoy’s design philosophy is based on re-using existing customer technology investments such as Microsoft Active Directory, simplifying the end user authentication experience while enhancing the overall security.

With no token manufacturing costs the return on investment (ROI) is so much more acceptable to businesses and organisations, and environmentally the green benefits of a zero carbon footprint also attract environmentally responsible purchasers. They are truly now providing solutions that have zero impact on our environment.

SecurEnvoy distribute through the channel, providing customers the value added benefits of working with local partners. They have now built up a technical and sales infrastructure that supports most languages and cultures around the world.

The business was officially incorporated in 2003 after preliminary, coding and testing in our labs. Years on SecurEnvoy now have happy customers across the five continents and regional support. Business levels have more than doubled year on year due to their subscription sales model which is an acceptable route that allows our clients to budget more effectively. This model includes local support and annual subscriptions.

SecurEnvoy continues to shape the way millions of people plan their authentication requirements and purchasing decisions.



SecurEnvoy have four patented SMS soft token technology solutions that allow users to authenticate using their mobile phones:

  • SecurAccess allows people to securely log on to corporate networks
  • SecurPassword allows Microsoft Windows domain users to reset their own password using mobile phones
  • SecurICE is a revolutionary approach to the problem of providing remote access in the event of an emergency; without deploying expensive tokens or cards
  • SecurMail meets the challenges of sending email to any recipient securely over the web without the need for prior relationships or exchange of secrets.

All use SMS technology to turn any mobile phone into an authentication token providing a defence in depth approach to security.

The server software can be installed on any existing Microsoft Windows 2003 / 2008 server and supports virtual environments such as VMWare and HyperV.


The stark reality is that many organisations make the decision that the security offered by Two-Factor authentication isn’t justified against the level of investment required. Soft tokens provide the answer allowing you to make the sale – our subscription sales model has proved a viable, and very popular, alternative.

Even if an organisation is already using physical tokens, by switching to soft tokens they will make savings that quickly justify the change:

They save time managing the system:

  • Initial deployment takes hours – up to 15,000 users per hour, rather than months with physical tokens.

There is no need to install software on users devices as they simply receive an SMS message on an existing mobile. If users prefer not to rely on SMS technology SecurAccess Version 6.0 uses app technology to turn the mobile device into a physical token

  • On a daily basis management costs are reduced against the support needed for physical tokens with users who have forgotten their tokens, pin management, re-synchronisation or replacing broken or lost tokens

They save money deploying the system:

  • Moving to soft tokens reduces on-going running costs by 40 – 60%!
  • Soft tokens do not have a lifespan, as with physical tokens, so do not need regular replacement and the costs involved

They save energy:

  • It would require 1,673 trees to offset the emissions created in deploying 3000 physical tokens. Soft tokens are carbon neutral.