Pay For Your Google Play Purchases Directly Through Your Contract With O2

02_samsung_apps_billingA new payment method called Charge To Mobile has been released by network provider O2, allowing Google Play users to purchase up to £30 worth of applications and have it charged directly to their monthly/pay as you go phone contract. This payment method is becoming rapidly more popular, achieving over 10million transactions already. But how does it work?

Charge To Mobile is a new, safe and easy method of payment, speeding up the payment process from minutes to seconds. It allows for the purchase of apps, e-books, magazines, music, TV and films whilst removing the need for registrations, card numbers or pins. Charge To Mobile is not available for the purchase of every app on the market, however thousands of developers have already signed up to use this payment method, including Microsoft, Sony, Spotify and Facebook.

The new payment method may reduce time purchasing but it also works as an age verification measure. This means that those wishing to download age restricted material may purchase it instantly, preventing minors from having any access and giving parents peace of mind that their child isn’t being exposed to inappropriate content.

This feature is only available to O2 customers for now, however with the success it appears to be showing, there is no question that other providers will soon be following the lead and releasing similar features themselves.

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