Nissan To Release Self-Cleansing Car? 2


Nissan are currently in the process of testing self-cleansing nanotech paint that repels dirt, oil and water. The paint is being tested in Europe on the Nissan Note Subcompact, where cars are being covered in this paint on one side in order to compare the difference and see how effective the Ultra-Ever Dry paint really is. Nissan are claimed to be the first ever automaker to use Ultra-Ever Dry on car bodywork. The general aim is to prevent grime from sticking to and marking body work in order to reduce how frequent a car needs washing, however it is debated whether or not this could potentially put car wash companies out of business.

Ultra-Ever Dry works by forming a barrier of air on the surface of the bodywork in order to stop dirt attaching to it, however this is not the only product that Ultra-Ever Dry has been tested on. Although you cannot yet buy it as a consumer, it has been tested on scratch screens for iPhone cases, solar panels and the inner lining of cooling towers. The product has also been suggested to potentially be used for keeping clothing and tools dry, as well as everyday objects that we may carry with us.

The benefits to car owners of using Ultra-Ever Dry exceeds more than just that of keeping the vehicle clean, as there are many more properties to the product than generally advertised. Ultra-Ever Dry remains pliable and never actually dries once it has been applied to a surface, remaining slightly damp however not enough to come off on clothing if it were to come into contact. The product is still under testing however it is expected to allow instant removal of snow and ice from cars as well as flowing into the scratches on the paintwork to cover up any damage.

It is only believed to function properly for several years before needing re-coating, however could this be a new technology used everywhere, from transport to technology or even office or factory use? Only time will tell once the testing has been complete and when the product finally is released for consumer use.

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