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Update: The new music subscription service is rumored to be released next week with select users being chosen as Beta testers, receiving a free subscription to the service for 6 months followed by a discounted price from there on. For those not chosen as Beta testers, the service will cost £9.99 a month for a full ad-free version. Several indie labels are rumored to have already signed up for this.


youtubeRumours of a YouTube subscription service have been floating around for ages now, however details have finally been leaked which suggests we may in fact be seeing this new music subscription very soon. There are already a huge variety of music streaming services available however it is expected the new subscription service named YouTube Music Key will have a few twists to make it more exciting and obliterate competition.

YouTube Music Key will allow for the download of all your favourite songs, allowing users to play tracks from their devices even when they have no online connection or are on the go with an intermittent connection that provides little reliability for streaming. A free 30 day trial has also been announced, meaning that for those wanting to find out first-hand what all the excitement is about can get involved and see what YouTube has been up to over the past months.

There is currently no word of international charges for the service, however has been announced that the service will cost $9.99 in the US which comes to approximately £6 in the UK. The service may sound expensive however includes full access to Google Play Music Key, meaning that users have the best of both in regards to music streaming services.

An audio only mode is expected to be a primary feature of YouTube Music Key, allowing users to turn their screens off to save battery whilst listening to music or multitask using other applications. It has been predicted that the streaming service will be available on handsets, tablets, desktops and TV’s as an ad-free offering, however there is currently no details regarding an exact launch date or where the initial launches will take place.

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