New Features: WhatsApp For iOS

WhatsAppWe don’t get updates from WhatsApp very often but when we do, we usually find there are major changes and additional features for us to play with. The most recent update proves no exception, developing a detailed list of features that have finally began to work with the iOS 8 beta, however still is lacking voice calling.

There are many new features however one of the most relieving to hear is that media auto-download preferences have now been added, meaning those unbelievably annoying or private photos and videos you are sent no longer save themselves straight to your camera roll for you to discover un-knowingly later.

A full list of new features include:

-Ability to share slow motion videos shot from iPhone 5S
-Ability to trim video clips within the app
-Snapchat-like picture captions
-Chat and group archives
-Fast camera access buttons
-Location share
-Media auto-download preferences
-New wallpaper settings
-New notification tones
-Ability to add screenshots to problems that you report

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