Meerkat Movies: The Orange Wednesdays Replacement We All Hoped For

Meerkat Movies

Two-for-one cinema tickets were nothing new for EE/Orange/T-Mobile customers with the Orange Wednesdays perk that provided all of their customers the ability to redeem 2-for-1 cinema tickets each Wednesday, however only weeks ago, this perk ended and was replaced with an in home streaming alternative. Compare The Market (Meerkat) have now taken over this 2-for-1 role, providing customers who take out insurance plans through them with the 2-for-1 tickets perk, not only on a Wednesday but on a Tuesday too.

The new scheme is called Meerkat Movies and will launch on Friday April the 3rd, giving all existing customers access to the scheme throughout the remaining duration of their policy, whilst new customers will get a full year of the service. New customers will be able to redeem the service for a year regardless of the insurance policy they sign up for, with the likes of a one off single trip travel insurance policy qualifying the customer to use Meerkat Movies for a year.

For those who wish to use the new service, there is an Android and iOS app to manage your account and redeem the 2-for-1 tickets with. The service rolls out just in time for many new cinema releases and in perfect timing to the recent loss of Orange Wednesdays.

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