Life Logging: Cameras Out And Ready To Go 2

sony-smartband-swr10-4-a Life logging has always been popular through the use of diaries and online blogs, however the more recent crazes include the use of wearable technology.

Earlier this year, the Sony SmartBand was released in order build a profile of everyday life by recording your daily activity, such as the use of social networking, music you’re listening to and what you’re searching on the web. After a few days of reading through the records of your daily activity, you soon realise that novelty has worn off and for the best life-blogging, videos and photos need to be taken to get a better idea of what you have really been doing and where you have been.

Using cameras to blog your everyday life isn’t something new. In fact, it is heavily used in Russia for car drivers who need cameras on their dashboard for insurance reasons. It’s not just Russian car drivers who log their lives: Climbers, cyclists, divers and motorcyclists all use the likes of GoPro Body Cameras to record their extreme and interesting experiences. Cameras can film footage on the go whilst attaching time stamps and GPS tags to allow you to know when the footage was taken and help you recall the exact location.

LX3_Red-Cover_Messenger-Bag-580x386Police officers in 9 boroughs of London are soon to be trialling life logging through discreet body cameras that are being tested in regards to false allegations and video evidence support. The footage is to be streamed to a Cloud website called which is partially amazon owned, however questions into unwanted attention from hackers are yet to be answered, secured and resolved.
There is a variety of life logging wearable cameras which individuals can purchase – one of these being the tiny clip-on Narrative Clip. The Narrative Clip does not record video footage, however instead takes photographs every 30 seconds or whenever you double click the button on the device. The selling point of this product is the hands free photography feature which could be for nights out, parties and holiday use. The device uses an 8GB flash drive where the images are stored, however retrieving the images aren’t as simple, requiring the device to be attached to a computer then synchronised to a cloud server, costing a small charge after the first year which is free.
Despite the current buzz towards life logging with wearable devices, there are 3 major downsides to the use of the equipment:

1) People believe that life logging helps you to capture those special moments which you can retrieve and re-live whenever you need, however the real issue is that it does in fact capture all of those moments-especially the ones you would rather forget; toilet breaks, bus journeys, your clothes, the floor, the ceiling… Privacy isn’t an option with life logging wearables, which really does pose a rather concerning issue.

2) Life logging wearables don’t necessarily log your life. As said in the previous issue mentioned, it takes photos of everything around you: whether it be your clothing, up your nose, the ceiling, the floor, the TV… Realistically, these devices should only be used for special occasions, otherwise nothing special will be taken from them

3) These devices fall off as easily as they clip on. Tests by TechRadar’s Jamie Carter showed just how useless these products really are, especially for the likes of concerts and heavy movement events. After the loss of the item, it was impossible to be retrieved due to the need to connect the device to the computer. Had the device been able to share images via Bluetooth, the item would have been found.

If only there were realistic limits to the usage of the devices and sturdier attachments with better compatibility, life logging may actually become a simpler, more appealing hobby.

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