Lenovo ThinkStation Workstations


Lenovo ThinkStation Workstations provides fantastic gaming environments, word processing, media centres, computer animation developments (CAD), animations, multi-display facilities, reliable storage, performance, data security and alternative input methods to using a keyboard and mouse.These machines were designed specifically for high-end computing whilst providing quiet, reliable and powerful solutions as a result of the high performance Intel Xeon processors.

Each machine is tested before sale to assure that it stands up to the demanding customer working environment, therefore you can assure that Lenovo ThinkStation Workstations will be high quality and reliability.

Everything on the Workstations were built for power, such as the powerful NVIDIA quadro cards, DDR3 ECC memory, Intel Xeon processors and a higher wattage power supply to drive multiple cards. Each ThinkStation Workstation has a user friendly interface with environmentally friendly technology to help reduce the cost of running, using a honeycomb design to assist multichannel cooling. Up to 7 expansion slots are available including 16 dual PCIe slots, up to 5 SATA and SAS HDD slots and a performance based chipset. The ThinkStation Workstations grow in a degree of specialisation from the single computer E31 which provides a value performance, to the dual computer D30 which provides the ultimate performance.

Out of the Lenovo range, the ThinkStation Workstations have the greatest power and performance closely followed by the ThinkPad W Series, however the workstations have the greatest expandability which exceeds all other products in the range. This combination of power, performance and expandability makes the ThinkStation Workstations a perfect candidate for multiple business uses, including manufacturing and design, animation and web, financial services, science and medical, electronics and IT and energy sourcing and distributing companies. The workstations are capable of doing this due to being ISV-certified for nearly every major application, whilst having 2D and 3D capabilities for animation, high powered processors and the ability to handle complex financial calculations and forecasts, all whilst being highly reliable.

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