Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 and E73z


The ThinkCentre E73 and E73z are both powered by up to 4th generation Intel Core i7 processors and were built for reliability. The 4th generation Intel Core processors provide high performance, increasing productivity, doubling the graphics quality and allowing enhanced protection for end-user passwords. The power of these desktops allows for it to keep up with the user whilst reducing idle power by over 20 times.

The ThinkCentre E73 is a tower desktop which comes in two forms – the Mini-TW and the SFF (Small Form Factor). The E73 offers 10 times faster performance with faster data transfers using a USB 3.0 drive whilst being optimised for wireless support. It arrives Windows 8 ready with a new user interface and improved system stability to guarantee a reliable design and consistent quality. With it’s high transfer speeds, new Windows 8 improved interface, large storage capacity and it’s eco-friendly design, the E73 is fantastic for small businesses and labs, higher education and home use.

The ThinkCentre E73z is an environmentally friendly all-in-one desktop with a 20inch W LED for business collaboration, equipped with integrated PSU for 1 easy cable setup. The E73z has an optimised HD camera with an array microphone for business collaboration and a view management utility (VMU) for more effective multitasking. An auto-lock utility for added security locks your PC when it isn’t being used whilst additional chassis lock to prevent the device from theft. To increase the green sustainability of the E37z, there is a desktop power manager for optimising work and power, making this product Cisco EnergyWise certified for reduced energy consumption. The ThinkCentre E73z is ideal for SMB leaders, higher education and public spaces due to it’s compact 80% space saving design, HD camera and microphone, enhanced performance without a high price premium, locking abilities and VMU for the best multitasking.

There are many different accessories available for the E73 and the E73z, such as the Lenovo wireless touchpad, memory card boosters, noise cancelling ear buds and wireless keyboards and mice.

Lenovo provides various levels of support for users purchasing the E73 and E73z.

These include:

– Warranty upgrades and extensions to increase the level of service and extend the warranty

– Priority technical support to provide the correct technical support from the first call

– Onsite and technical installation of CRU to change “customer-replaceable” parts to “technician-replaceable” parts

– Keep your drive to allow users to keep data and reduce liability

– Asset tagging to reduce loss of technology assets

– Asset-recovery services to complete the end-of-life process for responsible asset disposal

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