Lenovo – The Multi-Billion Pound Company You’ve Never Heard Of

Lenovo_LogoIt’s important to us at Comtek that our clients know and understand the products we’re using.

There doesn’t need to be an in-depth awareness of what’s on offer, but if a client has at least a basic understanding of a piece of software or hardware, their satisfaction levels are likely to be higher.

For example, when we talk about laptops Newcastle, we’ll give an overview of the company who manufacture them, what they’re capable of doing and how you can benefit from them most.  Information like this, although basic in one sense, can go a long way to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

And in most instances, our clients understand what we’re telling them.

When we talk about products from Lenovo, however, we’re often met with a look of confusion and bewilderment, as they have no idea who the company is, what they offer or in fact anything about them.

What’s more, when we tell them the company had a Net income of over £300 billion in 2012 and have been in operation since 1984, it confuses them even more.

Add into this the fact they were the second-largest PC vendor (by sales) last year and the confusion only increases.

So who are Lenovo – and arguably more importantly, why don’t you know about them?

Setup nearly three decades ago after Liu Chuanzhi was hired by the Chinese government to manage the importation of computers, he founded the company in 1984.  Leading the company from the front, he is still the driving force behind their success to this day, at nearly 70 years old.

Seeing considerable success in China and the surrounding countries during the 1980s and 1990s, the company was actually known as Legend during this period and it wasn’t until the turn of the millenium that, upon wanting to break the European and American markets, it was decided a name change was required.

With Lenovo the portmanteau of two words – ‘Le’ from the company’s previous ‘Legend’ name and ‘novo’ from the Latin for ‘new’ – the brand still weren’t widely known outside of Asia for the early part of the decade.

That all changed in 2005, however, when the company acquired IBM’s PC arm for £800 million.  Although they also took on board £320 million worth of debt at the same time, it proved to be an invaluable acquisition.

Instantly becoming one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, Lenovo gained access to a number of fantastic sales and marketing channels, improving brand awareness and reputation in the Western world in a way that previously wasn’t possible.

The company have also had a positive impact on sales since they took over, too – it has been reported that all ‘Think’ branded machines have seen doubled sales figures, with the related operating margins also said to have improved.

Having made numerous acquisitions since, Lenovo are without doubt on a roll and although once a company whose name meant nothing outside of China (like so many other fantastic brands from this part of the world), they’re taking the technology market by storm – and at Comtek, we’re proud to be able to offer their products, only enhancing the experience our clients receive, whether they’re hiring us for IT support Durham or simply want us to provide them with the most recent hardware on the market.

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